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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been involved in an accident?

Last year, over 70,000 Ontarians were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Each claim is individual and each treatment plan and injury report is different. Even if the accident is “not severe” or you may not feel any injury at the time of the accident, most symptoms, aches and pains can start to occur and intensify days or weeks after the collision. That is why it is important that any person(s) involved in an accident seek help from a reputable clinic that is experienced in motor vehicle accident therapy and will treat each person’s individual needs.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, R3 Physiotherapy and Wellness can help.


We treat each accident claim with an isolated and specific treatment plan that is medically tailored to your needs. Our multidisciplinary approach allows the client to receive world-class care from practitioners specializing in various injuries, conditions and treatment requirements.

R3 Ethical Commitment:

At R3, we promise to fully commit ourselves to your treatment and recovery. All treatments will always be performed 1 on 1 with your therapist for the full duration of your session. We will do everything we can to ensure your recovery is optimized while assisting you with any claim administration.

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R3 Ethical Partnerships:

Some motor vehicle accidents may cause added complications outside of injury recovery. An inability to work, loss wages, new expenses, added stress and anxiety and most importantly the inability to take care of yourself or your loved ones are some of the possibilities which can occur. Although many accident benefits do exist, most people are unaware of the support they can receive to help them in their journey to recovery. R3 Physiotherapy and Wellness has ethical and moral partnerships with various legal practices that have built a reputation in helping their clients receive the support and care they deserve. If you or a loved one has questions about the accident benefits you are entitled to, we would be happy to speak with you and set up a free consultation with one of our partners if you wish.

There is no such thing as a simple motor vehicle accident but at R3 Physiotherapy and Wellness, our experienced team is here to clarify the process and support you unconditionally. We will be with you every step of the way throughout your recovery and accident claim.


Have you or a loved one been involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Please contact us at any of our locations:


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